The Sequel: The C3 Xperience {Headshots}

Headshots are necessary for everyone whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur, represent a brand or company or just want to display your best self.  People have asked me “why do I need a professional headshot I’m not a brand or and entrepreneur”. A good quality headshot sets you apart and adds value to your social media pages and company’s website. When looking for a job companies will look to social media page when your profile looks profession you are taken more seriously.

If you are a professional who uses platforms like LinkedIn for networking, advertising, recruiting, etc. A quality headshot…










Passion Project

I believe ‘Passion Projects’ come from inner desire to be creative & to create! I consider myself an artist then a portrait photographer and passion projects are the best way to keep me motivated and inspired when I feel the need to create.

The connection: During my most recent trip to Las Vegas I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Kee Johnson, a local hairstyles. I called up a fellow photographer and told her I needed a model, a makeup artist and access to her studio. So when Kee showed up for our session I was immediately inspired, she had the perfect dark skin to contrast the yellow headwrap.



The Concept: I absolutely headwraps and have wanted to photograph someone using the low key lighting effect. My goal was to capture the beauty of chocolate skin with a perfect contrast to the yellow headwrap.

The why: Headwraps are an important cultural accessory for sub-Saharan Africa, Haitians, Caribbean as well as North, Central, and South American cultures of African descent.



Recently headwraps have gone beyond being worn by those of just those African heritage. Headwraps have become a necessary accessory and has become a staple in every day fashion. My goal was to simply highlight the beauty in this cultural phenomenon!



Hope you enjoyed looking at these images as much I enjoy photographing them!

“Your Art is what you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Your art is the art of taking personal responsibility, challenging the stats quo, and changing people.” -Seth Godin


Model: Kee Johnson | Headwrap designe: Kee Johnson | Makeup Artistry: Beauty By Bre