My first reaction to the pictures was a combination of shock, astonishment, disbelief, and amazement. At first, I was not sure I was the one in the pictures. The finished photos were clean and professionally produced. I had never seen myself look so GORGEOUS! Before the model call, I never thought of myself as beautiful. Now I see myself as a confident and BEAUTIFUL young woman.

I received phenomenal service from the glam squad. The photographer and makeup artist were very patient and listened to my reservations on makeup and clothing selection. I had a great overall experience. This was my first time getting professional pictures taken, and I left feeling like a million bucks. The photographer and glam squad treated me like family. They were warm, happy, and very excited to work with me. This made me feel comfortable and helped make my first model call an experience to be remembered.

Esiloza Omoh | Grand Rapids, MI {By way of Nigeria, W. Africa}